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Koi Acres has two main goals:

  • To spread the knowledge of Koi and Koi keeping to as many people as possible.
  • To bring the beautiful Koi from the Niigata Prefecture to the United States and offer them at a reasonable price.

The Yamakoshi statue at the entrance of the mountain road.

Our original plan for Koi Acres was to only import the Koi.  Soon after we started our business, we kept on receiving the same question, "Why is your water so clear and how can I get my pond to look like that?"  Our reply was that our filters are keep the water clean and clear, so that you can see all of the Koi easily.

We started out by retrofitting filters on existing ponds, but soon thereafter, people started asking us if we could build a complete system, start to finish.

Every year, we travel to Niigata and hand pick the best Koi to bring back to the US. We select our Koi from breeders that only have the best health practices, we will not import Koi from a breeder that does not test for KHV.

Tanks 1 and 2.

We quarantine each shipment for a minimum of 3 weeks to ensure that the Koi we import from Japan are healthy and disease free.  We test each shipment at the beginning and at the end of each quarantine period for KVH.

Tanks 3 & 4.

Each tank system has a complete filter setup, which includes a: Vortex Settling Chamber, Sequence Pumps, Aqua Ultraviolet Bead Filters, and Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizers.

Part of our Koi tank filter system.

Another part of the filter system.

This is our 93,000 gallon show pond. We are currently landscaping around it to enhance it's natural beauty.