SuperTab Water Conditioner

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Use SuperTab to help achieve a pristine aquatic environment for your fish.


  • Lowers anaerobic bacteria, virus and fungi count
  • Neutralizes dissolved organic compounds
  • Gentle on pond fish
  • High water solubility
  • Aquatic plant friendly
  • Easy dosing
  • No harmful by-products
  • Reduces odors


How SuperTab Works

SuperTab is a tablet form of Sodium Chlorite. SuperTab is very effective for oxidising anaerobic bacteria, algae and dissolved organic compounds while remaining gentle on your pond fish.


Uses for SuperTab

  • Emergency pond water treatment
  • Weekly regimen for maintaining low bacterial pressure in the pond
  • Spring/Fall pond prep
  • Treatment for new fish in during quarantine


Gentle Oxidation Power, High Oxidation Capacity

One SuperTab tablet is suitable for treating 13,200 to 52,800 gallon of pond water.



For ornamental fish use only.

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More Information

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