Tomigai Tomodachi Bulk Koi Food 40 lb Box

Tomigai Tomodachi Bulk Koi Food in a 40 lb Box. We offer free shipping for all bulk Koi food boxes.

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  • Low protein content allows for easy digestion and less waste in both hot and cold water temperatures ranges
  • As fresh as the day it was made! - Oxygen, the primary cause of spoilage, is forcibly removed during the packaging process and is replaced with Nitrogen to maintain quality and freshness for extended periods of time
  • Suitable for medium and large sized Koi fish
  • Koi come to the surface to eat the floating pellets, making it easy to inspect them for any  health problems or injuries before winter arrives


About Tomigai Tomodachi

Tomigai Tomodachi is a low protein Koi food that is formulated for either very low or very high water temperatures when your Koi’s metabolism slows down.  Even though it has a lower price, Tomodachi features the same premium ingredients and is fortified with probiotics like the other Tomigai Koi food varieties.


When to feed Tomigai Tomodachi:

  • At the start of Spring or end of Fall when your pond water is below 55°F
  • At the height of Summer when the pond water temperature is above 85°F



  • Made in the USA
  • Packaged with Nitrogen Gas Rush Method
  • Fortified with Probiotics
  • Low Protein - Use for early Spring & late Fall feeding and as high temp Summer staple
  • Medium Pellet Size
  • Floating Pellet Type
  • 40 lb bulk box


Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: Min 30%
Fat: Min 6%
Fiber: Max 5%
Ash: Max 12%
Moisture: Max 10%



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