Ultima II Pond Filters


Have you ever wanted a filter that cleans itself?

With the addition of a Ultima II filter, it's possible. Ultima II Filters utilize "Cyclonic Backwashing". Internal jets in the filter are activated during the backwash cycle, separating the waste from the media.  All you have to do to initiate the "Cyclonic Backwashing" is turn a lever!

The Ultima II filter simply does all the work. With its patented unique tubular filtration media design, the Ultima II prevents clumping and channeling while maximising the biofilm surface for bacterial growth.



  • Easy to clean - Just turn a lever (Never get dirty!)
  • Ammonia & Nitrite are filtered from your pond water for a pristine environment
  • Filter media does not need to be replaced - Saving you time and money
  • Supports heavy fish loads without taking up a lot of room, unlike other filter solutions



  • Backwash function for filter cleaning
  • Patented tubular media for maximised filtration
  • Permanent filter media
  • Compact Size



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7 Item(s)

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