Indoor Koi Ponds

View Koi indoors while you work or relax.  Our custom indoor Koi ponds allow you to view your Koi collection all year long (say goodbye to losing your Koi underneath the ice during the winter time) while keeping them safe from inclement weather and predators.

You can spot the difference between a pond that any of our "competitors" build versus one of ours, just look at the water.  If you see a pond full of murky and green water that smells fishy, it wasn't us.  Our ponds have crystal clear water that the Koi thrive in. 

If you are in Minnesota, feel free to schedule a tour of our facility.  We keep hundreds of Koi in stock at all times in ponds ranging in size from a few hundred gallons all the way up to 90,000+ gallons in our main display pond.  We will also show you how our filter equipment works to keep the pond water clean.

We can build any size indoor pond for you, both large and small.  They are built to last, our indoor ponds are built from concrete or block and are coated with a Polyurea liner.  The low maintenance filter equipment is installed in utility room or filter area away from the pond so that you enjoy the pond without hearing or seeing the pump and the filtration equipment.  See the picture of the filter equipment below to see how much room is needed for a medium sized pond.

For more information, call us at 1-855-564-7467.


Common locations for an indoor Koi pond include:

  • The home office
  • A solarium
  • The entryway
  • The living room
  • Garage


A solarium is a great location for a pond, the Koi's colors will look great in sunlight 


This indoor pond was built in garage to house the Koi during the wintertime



We build ponds in a variety of shapes! We help you decide what shape of the pond you want in your home.


Commercial Koi Pond installations

Our Koi ponds can be built in:

  • Atriums
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Reception areas

The Koi ponds that we build are designed to be the centerpiece of your location.  Our filtration equipment is very dependable and keeps maintenance at a absolute minimum.  We work with you to design the commercial water feature so that it integrates with the architecture of your building.

For more information, call us at 1-855-564-7467.


The indoor Koi ponds that we build offer a pleasurable and interactive viewing experience.  Visitors and patrons will enjoy the presence of the Koi fish.

The floor cutout shows how the pipes run underneath the floor to the filtration equipment which is housed in a utility room.


Filtration Equipment
The filtration equipment is housed in a utility room away from the pond.  The normal maintenance routine takes about twenty minutes a week to complete.



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