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Japanese Koi

The Japanese started breeding Koi fish around a couple hundred years ago.  Beginning with the plain carp, they established the original varieties with careful selection and brooding technique.  Now, after many decades of selective breeding, Koi come in a wide variety of colors.  

Each Koi has its own personality. Some will follow you around the pond, others are shy and will only come up to the surface for food.  Anyone can keep Koi.  With a little know how and the right pond setup, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that a Koi pond provides.

Since 2003, we've had the largest selection of Koi and pond supplies in the Midwest.  Give us a call if you would like to see the fish or if you would like to see how easy it is to maintain our Koi pond equipment.


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Japanese Koi



About Koi Acres

Koi Acres is a direct importer of high quality Japanese Nishikigoi from the Niigata Prefecture in Japan. Our shop is located in Scandia, Minnesota.  Each year, we go over to Japan to pick out beautiful Nishikigoi and bring them back to the United States.



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